Friday, 24 September 2010

St Andrean

Exactly 600 years after the founding of the University of St Andrews (the university charter was first granted in 1413) I have become an official St Andrian and as a postgraduate student also a member of St Leonard's College.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A new beginning

Well, it has been quite some time since I last wrote anything for this blog. Starting a new chapter in my life seemed like the perfect time to re-start blogging. Just to bridge the gap between the "Festival of Lights" in my last entry and now, here is a quick summary of the time passed... After finishing at my last job, I did a sailing course, went skiing and then managed to break my clavicle (or more commonly known as my collar bone) in May while playing hockey. With a lengthy metal plate inserted I am now the delight of every metal detector at the airport - providing the staff know how it works and have actually turned it on. This summer consisted of a very interesting and culturally educating trip to China, followed by a short visit to England and organising a surprise Birthday Party for my father's 60th. While all of this was happening I completed my Diploma in management (so now I may add a fantastic jumble of letters on to the end of my name). On the side I applied to do some further full time study at the University of St Andrews and low and behold, I was offered a place...

And here the actual story begins:
I am now up in St Andrews at the School of Management, studying for a master of research (short MRes). This morning - apart from getting completely drenched by the rain in conjunction with the costal winds - I found myself sitting in the board room of the Management School (view out to the ocean) and listening to our course introduction. The advice given was: Try to write something every day, try to make it 1 000 words a day just to get used to writing. I intend to have a go at this so, while I will not be writing my 1 000 words in this blog every day, I intend to keep it a little more up to date and share with you the pleasures of the exciting research things I am learning. Maybe even have a little discussion on the way.

That is all for today, so I leave you with the picture I posted at the beginning of the sea view in St Andrews.